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The Feud

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The Feud

Sinatra & Roselli: 2 Guys  From  Hoboken
Story and Music Selection by Dennis DelleFave 

The Feud is a play based on the professional and personal relationship between Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Roselli, both great singers who lived on the same block in Hoboken, N.J. In the early days of show business, most of the clubs were either owned by Mafia families or backed by mob money. Frank was 10 years Jimmy’s senior and had a head start on success before Roselli was even recognized. Frank played ball with the mobsters and was well accepted in their circle. Jimmy, on the other hand, needed the mob for his start but quickly realized that if he stayed with them, they would own him the rest of his life. Therefore, in 1966 he broke away and represented himself on all future dealings. On occasion he worked with the William Morris Agency when it came to club dates. This story concentrates on their feud both personal and musically which lasted over 40 years.

January 29, 2022  
2:00p.m. & 7:30p.m.

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